Linux Resources

In most of my classes, we spend at least some time working in Linux and dealing with the command line. While I try to teach you all of the commands you’ll need to use in class, for those who want extra help (or those who are interested in learning more!), I point you to the following resources:

  • Linux command cheat sheet

  • Linux in a Nutshell, Sixth Edition. A great book providing an overview of Linux. You can read it online for free through Penn State’s subscription to Safari Books Online. To access the book, click here, then search for “linux in a nutshell”.

  • Penn State also has a subscription to, which offers online software training. There is a video available which covers UNIX (for our purposes, basically the same as Linux) for Mac users; if you have a Mac (or want to use one of the Macs on campus), this is great stuff. Go to, sign in, and search for “unix”. The first result is the video you’ll want to watch; the whole thing is 6.5 hours long, but you can just watch the sections for which you’re interested.

  • This UNIX / Linux Tutorial for Beginners is a little dated (in the sense of being almost 12 years old), but believe it or not, everything in it is still applicable, and it’s explained quite well.

  • is a provider of lots of great screencasts on technology concepts. They have a great UNIX Command Line Tutorial. It’s $12, but it’s well worth it.

  • Penn State has a Linux Users Group, but it looks like the Web site hasn’t been updated too recently.