Using Web Annotation as an Educational Tool in the Classroom

Over the past year or so, along with IST M.S. student Anthony Pinter, I’ve been exploring how Web annotation tools such as or Lacuna Stories can be used in the classroom. I’ve also been trying to create my own ideal format of a Web-based textbook for Internet Law, which would have excellent navigation, readability on any device (including when printed), footnotes, and integrated annotation. A very early version of our work is available at

I’m most interested in using the annotation tools to help students in creating case briefs, according to my guidelines for How to Brief a Case. Anthony and I conducted a small usability study on the Web page in spring 2016, with a group of almost 150 students in IST 432. Anthony was able to present this work at I Annotate 2016 in Berlin, in a presentation titled “Using Web Annotation as an Educational Tool in the Classroom” (PDF). I think Anthony did a great job with the presentation; you can watch the video of his talk here.